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ዓለም ለአሸናፊዎች ነች

Doing Is the Shortest Path to Learning and Acquiring New Skills.

The Educated Is Not Always The Solution

eBook Amharic – ለስራ የሚያዘጋጅህ ቀላል መመሪያ – ተለቀቅ

Money Does Not Grow On Trees!

Ethiopia Needs Sales Skill: መሸጥ መቻል አለብን!

Project Management Practice in Ethiopia and Why It Is Invaluable to Pay Attention to It

“ለራሳችሁ በላችሁት እንጂ ለእኛ ምን አተረፋችሁልን”

በቀላሉ ስራ ለማግኘት ማድረግ ያለባችሁ 10 ቅድመ ግጅቶች፡ በተለይ ደግሞ ለወጣቶች

Capturing and Sharing of Great Moments and Lived Experiences

Insights of ICT Infrastructure Sector and Way Forward in Ethiopia

Showing Up ^ Exposure Matters, and Why I Think It Matters More in the Ethiopian Context

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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

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Together is Better, If We Mean to Succeed: Project Experience Sharing

Comments, Likes and Clicks Carry More Good and Money than Many Ethiopians Think

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