Capturing and Sharing of Great Moments and Lived Experiences

Good or bad there is always a lesson we take from our experiences and inspire ourselves forward. While self-reflection is the essence of personal or career growth, great moments provide an impetus to our life. We might travel a long distance; We might pass through lots of challenges or processes. What stays in our mind are the great moments more than the whole journey. Then, the great moments added up to an experience and the experiences shape our story. Our story then becomes our power. When we are inspired by it and dare to expose it, it makes a real meaning reinforcing our personal growth on a virtuous cycle.  

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Flip it aside, we don’t have an articulated story means we don’t have real power at our disposal. If we fail to express our story ourselves, at the right time, to the right audience, we are doomed to be ignored. The world is a cunning place and it does not take one or two to leave us behind.

Curiosity has become a growing professional trait demanded in todays’, and probably tomorrow’s, workplace and it is best manifested in stories. Curiosity is a differentiator to seize that moment whether in job interviews, sales pitches, or entrepreneurial ventures.  Our future commitment or resilience is best captured from the experiences and the stories we tell. It is simply our power.


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When it comes to our story, though, the no1 obstacle for not showing it up is our own assumption that it may not be as good as we thought; they may be aware of it and no need to say it again; and more excuses. Face it to tackle it.

The best alternative show to push ourselves forward is to reflect on our best moments and experiences, articulate them enough and tell them as they are. If we cannot speak for ourselves, no one will. By any chance, do not let your work, experiences, accomplishments to speak for themselves. You should. We are the only viable story tellers of our stories. In almost every story, there is some one out there to find it useful and relatable. In almost all books written, those inspired by personal stories are more influential than others. Why not yours?


At ShowingUp+, we highly encourage everyone, especially the youth, to capture great moments, articulate them enough, show them up, speak about them and expose yourself to the dynamic game. We think ShowingUp is the first key step that led us where we aspire to go.

End.  One final Thought: What ever we do to succeed,

Showing Up Matters

We write and Podcast on career growth & personal development and inspire the youth to take action. 

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