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Culturally, Ethiopians opt for leaving their accomplishments to speak for itself. It is not bad by itself had Ethiopians operate within Ethiopia alone.

The realty is, today’s global workplace favors speaking for yourself before either your accomplishments or anybody else does for you.  Those who spoke for themselves well are in fact ahead of the ever dynamic game. You must Show up, speak for yourself  and expose yourself to the game

We must change the approach to thrive. 

(Quoted) : Ethiopia, we get too many applications like  “Hi, I need a job. Here is my degree (in something unrelated to the job)”. I have no problem hiring from any background, but you should be able to tell us why you are a good fit. It’s not HR’s job to guess. 

1. Suppose you’re an engineer who applied for marketing role. Good news, you likely have better quantitative skills than other applicants! Did you know marketing increasingly relies on such skills? Tell us some of your insights on how you see our product used, and its potential.

2. Suppose you’re an accountant but we only have a warehouse manager role, and you want that job. Good news: managing warehouse inventory relies on many of the same organizational skills! Tell us about a time you managed a team or how you would apply accounting in such a setting

3. Suppose you see a sales job and have literally any degree. Or no degree. Tell us about a time you sold something. Anything. Tell us how you would convince your friend to buy our product. If you can’t pitch yourself, why should we believe you can pitch our product?

4. By the way, this isn’t limited to junior roles. I also get “Hi, I’m interested in a job. I’ve worked at this NGO for 5 years” (no other context provided. Just a CV) Especially at that level you should be able to tell me how your experience relates to the role we posted.

5. Most people are communicating from a place of needing a job. I empathize. I’ve applied to jobs when I’ve needed work. But, as an employer, I’m not posting a job to provide you a service. I’m posting the job to make my company better. Focus your communications to answer this.

This relevant advice was taken from Sam Rosmarin Tweeter  feed @SamRosmarin on permission.

Sam is an Ethiopia based investor & strategist | Ethiopia-inspired mixologist 

And here @ Showing Up , we say

We are outputs of the past and inputs of the future. i.e . we owe the future as much as we own the past.

 It is a responsibility and in our best interest to articulate experiences and share to the generation behind us. This is what we want to do here and you can also be part of it.  

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