Money Does Not Grow On Trees!

Some people have power when the say it, even if it is the most obvious wisdom. Brad Lea in his TikTok handle @therealrealbradlea was blatant when he said it direct from where money comes from.

Everyone will tell you that money does not grow on trees,

But no one won’t tell you where it grows.

Do you know where money grows?

Ya, it grows in other peoples pockets. That is where the money is.

Do you want to make more money, then meet more people.

The more hands you shake , the more money you make,

The more people you know, the better you are.

If you know 10 times the people you know, you would have 10 times what you have right now in resources.

More referrals, more network, more favors, more loans, more connections, more access, and more money etc.

It highly resonates with what ShowingUp+ stands for and would like to elaborate more.

Building Relationships

Robbers know it better how to get to peoples pockets but it is a completely bad idea and with an unintended consequence, and it lacks a scale.

In my own write up at ShowingUp+ ( When You Have a Sales Skill – You Have These 10 and a Reasonable Life ), people skill is one of the 10 fundamental skills that any one in business needs to have.

In business, and in real life, you know relationship and networking really matters and you take everything it takes to learn about people psychology and human behavior. People are decision makers who make or break your initiative and good sales people know how to establish, nurture, communicate and maintain good relationships. When you have people skills, you know when to draw your emotional intelligence, negotiate and serve a win-win purpose. 

Salespeople work across multiple disciplines navigating multiple teams to get things done in time. The ability to work in teams is fundamental everywhere. The people skill you developed as a salesperson is as important in your daily lives. 

The ability to find and influence the right person, power person, almost always transverse across initiatives’ success.  

Whatever product or service you come up with, it is for people you are offering and it is people who are paying for it. People make decisions on your offering and it is a no brainer on the necessity of building strong relationship among people.

That is all the essence of building brands. People know you, it is easier for them to make buying decision in your favors.

If you really want to achieve your money target, it is absolutely fundamental to 


ShowingUp+ , network, shake more hands and build the authentic relationships along the brands you are trying to build.

And it works well across all disciplines!

In theory, all humans are equals but, we would say, those who have more relationships are more equals than the rest of us.


Above all, relationship is the route to your financial success. Pay due attention to building it.

End.  One final Thought: What ever we do to succeed,

Showing Up Matters

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