Personal Growth

The founders personal growth and the path he has been going through can be a case to learn from experience.

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Experience Sharing

What we do here?

How we do it?

Our target audience

We built practical experience over the last several
years. The failures, successes, missed and seized
opportunities are all relevant assets to be shared
to the youth behind and learn from it.  
Through our dedicated blog posts we will actively
articulate and  share to the public to learn from
it on an ongoing basis.

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Through our upcoming personal development tutorials,
we aim to creat knowledge and inform the youth
workforce so that they learn the tools to compete
on a global scale. Virtual is the likely future of
work and Ethiopian youth shall be prepared for that.

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Ethiopia is a large country with large proportion
of young population. While we think this young
population is opportunity there is also a
possibility it could become a curse. We all have
to make a choice to move forward and we choose
to work with the youth to equip them with the skill
and mindset  demanded in the market place.


               Graduates  complain, rightly so, about lack of jobs

               Industry complains lack of skill and the right mindset

                       Where is the missing link?

Engaging the work force and industries in the market place, Showing up ^ Exposure Matters  will take it part of its mission and enlighten both sides where to focus and close their gaps.

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